That’s all it takes to see the difference in our commercials. Until now, you’ve had just 2 choices. The radio station could make your commercial, but it blended in like all the other commercials. Or, you could have paid a lot to have an agency make your spot. Now you have a 3rd choice, Let Kaplowe Studios make you commercial and stand back…IT’LL WORK LIKE CRAZY!


With Kaplowe Studios, there are no contracts to sign, no royalties or residual payments, no commitments! In fact, we’ll even do your demo commercial FREE! If you like it, buy it and watch it pull in customers this weekend.


It’s so easy to order your FREE demo spot: Call us toll free 1.800.866.0665 to qualify for your FREE demo.
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Kaplowe studios can even place your media schedule for you! Our media buyer has been negotiating the lowest rates for our clients for over 20 years! He knows your market and how to make sure you get every pennies worth of ‘bang for your buck” Best of all, it costs you nothing for this service! The radio stations pay us a commission, not you!
If you place your own media, be sure to follow these simple rules:
  1. More spots, fewer stations. Some dealers mistakenly try to dominate the market by placing just a few of spots on too many stations. We believe that you should only buy the 1, 2 or 3 most efficient stations and be on every hour! It’s usually much better to be on 12 times a day on 3 stations, then 4 times a day on 6 stations.
  2. Run your spots in clusters of just a few days, usually Thursday, Friday and Saturday. If you have enough in your budget, run Monday, too.
  3. Run your spots every other weekend, usually the 2nd and 4th weekend of the month. Use the off weekends to follow up on all your new leeds.
  4. Make sure you always have a cut off time. Every spot should say “Sale ends Monday at 6PM.”

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