Retail 101: Sell more of your higher margin merchandise.

At Kaplowe Studios, we’ve been helping retailers sell more by getting more customers in their stores, on their phones and logging onto their websites. Our commercials are very effective in highlighting our client’s selling points. After an initial consultation, we can come up with a marketing plan and help you grow your business like never before.

After we have established a marketing plan, we leap into action.

The first step is to make sure your company has a great website. After all, that is considered the first step in the retail world. Customers need to ‘look’ at your store, see your offerings and know something about you before they’ll make a purchase.

Driving people to your store is the next step.

Radio commercials, print ads, mass email, web ads, and television spots: we create whatever works best in your industry to drive traffic to your store, and we do it more efficiently than any other advertising company. How? Because we have all the talent and tools we need here, under one roof, working in concert to make sure you get your projects done right the first time, every time.
Someone once said: “When you run a business, you only have to work a half day..  …you even get to choose which 12 hours they are.”
Owning or running a business can be highly rewarding. Generally, you get out of it what you put into it. But growing a business can be very challenging. You can hire a traditional ad agency. There are many good ones out there.

Or, you can buy directly from us and save a bundle.

In fact, Kaplowe Studios is where many ad agencies come to purchase their clients’ radio commercial and TV commercial production, jingles and other marketing services.
We’re advertising veterans who have also owned and run successful businesses. We learned how to make the phone ring when we couldn’t afford to waste a penny. And we still have that same mentality: to help our clients get the most out of every cent they spend.
At Kaplowe Studios, we’re proud to say we don’t usually take our clients to lunch. Don’t get us wrong: we love our clients, it’s just that we’d rather be here at our computers and in our recording studios and editing suites making great ads to help build their businesses. That’s what we live for. We got into advertising because we get excited when we find the unique quality of a business and then find the best way to reach prospects and tell them that story.
When you call Kaplowe Studios, the meter isn’t running. We don’t charge for creative consultation if it pertains to the production of a radio or TV commercial. You will get the undivided attention of a qualified business consultant and our creative director, Mark Kaplowe. We will help you get the exact level of advertising service that you need to grow your business, from a single radio commercial to a full blown multi media campaign!

We have a proven track record of taking small businesses and making them bigger, to working with big businesses and helping them grow into regional powerhouses. Call for a free consultation because the only thing we love more then hearing about your business is helping you blow the roof off it!

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