There’s no better way to get people to remember your company’s name then to let us sing it in a jingle.

Jingles work because things are easier to remember when we sing them. That’s why we learn our ABC’s to a melody. Now imagine everybody singing your business name!
Kaplowe Studios can have the whole town “Singing Your Praises” with a customized Jingle. There is simply no better way to get into your customers minds, and stay there. Let us create a jingle for your business and everybody will sing along to it on the radio!
Getting a customized jingle is so easy with Kaplowe Studios. We use the top writers, singers, and producers, and because of our high volume of orders, we produce them quickly and affordably!
With our Jingles, there are no re-use fees, restrictions or time limits. You own it forever! It’ll pay for itself in no time, because you can use it everywhere: In all your Radio commercials and TV commercials, On your ‘ON HOLD’ message, and on your web site.

Just call us, toll free at 800-866-0665 and watch us leap into action for you!