Mark Kaplowe has been running small businesses since 1975, when he was still in high school.

Since then, Mark has started 4 of his own companies and helped hundreds of other start their own small businesses. He speaks regularly at colleges and business groups, helping them understand the principals of starting and running small businesses. Mark has been featured in countless business magazines and was even featured in the New York Times! Mark’s unique prospective on marketing was developed in the early years through trial and error with his own businesses. Once his ideas started to bear fruit, he was asked by other local business owners for advice. As they saw results, word spread. Today, over 30 years later, Mark’s council is sought by over 300 clients in every industry that depends on sound marketing to thrive. For your free, initial phone consultation, please call Mark directly at 203 996 5978.

Just call us, toll free at 800-866-0665 and watch us leap into action for you!